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Ready to Ditch Revenue Struggles as a Solo Business Owner?

Starting today, you can hit your revenue goals up to 20% faster without complicated marketing or sales using my proven 3-Step Mindset System

This year has been the worst for many solo business owners. At the same time, those few with a psychological edge have unlocked new levels of success.

I’m Bret Dealey, founder of Dealey Personal Development. I help solo business owners hit their revenue goals up to 20% faster without complicated marketing or sales.

Wonderful insights have recently occurred in personal development. Research has thrown searchlights into the powerful depths of the human mind. Today’s psychological revelations promise a happy era for business owners.

Now, Dealey Personal Development empowers you with this new revenue-revving psychology.

The #1 reason business owners fail

The #1 reason business owners fail is NOT lack of capital, a faulty business model, or unsuccessful marketing. When a business struggles, most owners shift their focus to strategy. Of course, strategy is essential, but…

Research shows that 80% of what keeps a career stuck is psychology.

As Tony Robbins of Robbins Research International, Inc. says…

“Success is only 20% skill—and the rest is all in your head. The individual’s mindset is always the choke hold on any growth.” 

Business keeping you up at night?

I used to wrestle with this. So did many of my clients.

If “tiny bucks and big worries have been a mystery for you up to this point, you’re not alone.

The sad reality is…

Solo business owners overwhelmingly report they love what they do but feel stressed out.

87% of business owners state their negative thinking handicaps their performance.

9 out of 10 business owners worry about their business being
brought to its knees.

This means they chase the never-ending questions, “Do I have what it takes?” and “Why am I not further ahead by now?”

All of this is no accident.

Here’s why…


What you’ve tried hasn’t worked

As an independent thinker, you pride yourself on finding answers based on personal initiative. But you’re weary of buying books and programs full of empty promises and short-term solutions or hiring coaches who are more concerned with getting your credit card than getting results.

Four reasons why other approaches fail

Even though other approaches talk about business success and can be motivating,
they DO NOT:

1. Understand the difference between motivation and psychology. Motivation alone changes nobody!

2. Design their programs exclusively for your business needs.

3. Give you the tools to install empowering beliefs and emotions on a subconscious level that lay the foundation for your success.

4. Provide fast, complete, lifelong transformation.

In addition, many approaches deceptively intend to keep you helpless and codependent. They give you just enough “truth” to make you agreeable but not enough to believe you can get ahead without them.

    What nobody is telling you

    If you’re struggling to reach consistent income and cashflow goals—it’s not your fault.

    Unfortunately, we’re led to believe—with hard work and strategy—success will take care of itself. But the fact is, hard work and strategy are not enough. If they were, you’d have already reached your dreams.

    My point is this.

    Below your conscious awareness, there’s a subconscious belief system controlling your potential. This subconscious belief system is like a thermostat regulating emotions and behavior. It either inhibits or empowers your ability to achieve—regardless of your strategy or how hard you work.

    When these beliefs are self-limiting rather than self-empowering, they create a problem.

    You mistakenly assume your self-limiting beliefs are the same as your potential. This means you stay stuck or held back—because you build your life around limits you believe are certain.

    Mindset drives business success

    Unless you follow a program with roots in the professional practice of psychology, you’re engaging in touchy-feely, wishful thinking. Whether it’s a best-selling book or a trending program, mass marketing and popularity are not the same as science.

    When you don’t systematically harness the FULL potential of your mind—nothing you learn, nothing you know, and nothing you do will make much of a difference.

    Right now, you may be thinking, “Is systematically harnessing the full potential of my mind possible?”

    The answer is YES!

    “Today, I experienced ‘Business Accelerator Mindset,’ a precise blueprint for turning inspired ideas into success. It was a mind-blowing, superbly delivered Dealey Personal Development seminar. What are you waiting for if you haven’t experienced it for yourself? Well done, Bret Dealey!”

    David B. Robinson


    — Mindset secrets based on a true story —

    “Incapacitated by years of respiratory illness, doctors couldn’t cure… I desperately tried to escape.”

    I sat at my kitchen table with a fever of 102°F on my 27th birthday.

    I took a sick day from work and worried because I had missed 30 days from illness in one year. Staring at a stack of bills—I paled with fear, imagining the loss of my job.

    Medicine could no longer help me. So, I turned to my university studies in Psychology and my degree in Education. I explored the hidden powers of the mind with an obsession—particularly the subconscious and its ability to heal.

    “Even though I doubted this unconventional approach, the results amazed me.”

    Through knowledge, trial, and error—I developed a proven 3-step mindset method called the Dealey Mindset Method®. It changed my subconscious programming and rewired my brain for super success.

    My health was completely restored!

    I then applied the Dealey Mindset Method® to break through challenges in other areas of my life. Frustrated with romantic relationships and a divorce—I used my new 3-step method to find lasting love. I’ve now been blissfully married for more than three decades.

    “My struggle is your opportunity.”

    My journey has been a miraculous transformation from fear to courage, plus practical results.

    For over 25 years, I’ve helped people BREAK THROUGH limitations and take their lives to a higher level—no matter how successful they are—in the areas that matter most: their careers, romantic relationships, and health.

    I’ve curated the little-known mindset secrets that drive personal and financial success. So smart but overwhelmed business owners can advance their careers and eliminate wasted effort.

    What is the Dealey Mindset Method®?

    My proprietary Dealey Mindset Method® forms the foundation of the Business Accelerator Mindset system.

    The Dealey Mindset Method® combines the most effective psychological principles of the subconscious mind with Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy to create a modern system for achieving your vision in minimal time.

    – Presenting –


    The Proven 3-Step System to Hit Your Revenue Goals Up to 20% Faster
    Without Complicated Marketing or Sales


    Business Accelerator Mindset® system will expose you to inner game keys that support ambitious people doing hard things. It’s constructed to unlock hidden capabilities within you. You have a “Real You” waiting to get free so you can demolish these limitations forever:

    X “I’m stressed out and maxed out.”

    “No one will pay high fees for my offers.”

    X  “I’m too old.” or “It’s too late.”

    X  “Who am I to call myself an expert?”

    X  “Others are doing it better than me.”

    X  “Why aren’t I further ahead by now?”

    Here’s What You Get In This Proven 3-Step System…

    Step #1

    Belief Supercharger Toolbox

    Supercharge your beliefs so you can achieve BIG goals faster

    • How to leverage the little-known secret between success and failure.
    • How to release the breaks holding you back and never get stuck again.
    • Why affirmations don’t work and often work against you.
    • How to free your Heroic Self and get it to show up at crunch time.
    • PLUS – How to crack the wealth code of your subconscious mind.

    Step #2

    High-Performance Levers

    Remove your emotional roadblocks PERMANENTLY for on-demand confidence.

    • End imposter syndrome, stage fright, childhood baggage, and other dubious gifts of adulthood.
    • Face adversity, resistance, and challenges with courage—make success inevitable.
    • Discover this ancient ABC formula to instantly turn negative feelings into positive ones and master your emotions.
    • Replace self-doubt with unconditional self-acceptance—annihilate perfectionism.
    • Become a hard-charging, calm, and collected leader using this amazing “self-awareness” secret.
    • PLUS – the one negative emotion every business owner must conquer to become genuinely successful.

    Step #3

    Wealth GPS Install

    Train your mind to lead you to rich opportunities and bankable action.

    • Rev up your revenue potential using these proven mindset tools—harness the FULL power of your mind with regular practice and dedication.
    • AVOID the unexpected—see around dangerous corners with this sneaky mindset hack coveted by pros.
    • Reach your destiny on autopilot—know what to do every step of the way.
    • Charge the fees you deserve and feel natural closing deals.
    • Reprogram your mind for more clients and steady cash flow using a repeatable…reliable process.
    • Hold your family and colleagues spellbound by your perseverance and progress.

    Complete Video Training ($4,500 Value)

    You’ll receive 22 skill-building video lessons with accompanying exercises, templates, and tools to give you a complete foundation for your Business Accelerator Mindset. This is the exact system I share with my private clients who invest $4,500 or more to work with me 1-on-1 for twelve weeks.


    A system that taps the FULL potential of your mind can be the missing key to more momentum in your business. Now, it’s attainable through Business Accelerator Mindset.

    Get Instant Access To The Entire
    Business Accelerator Mindset System

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    Money back guarantee

    My “Look-Inside-The-House” Guarantee

    I offer a “Look-Inside-The-House” Guarantee. When buying a home, the only way to know if it’s for you is to walk inside and go through all the rooms. It’s the same with an online program. You don’t know if a program is for you unless you can go inside and review some of the content. That’s why I’m offering you a risk-free 30 days to look inside this program. Then, if you don’t love it, email me, and I’ll refund you 100% of your money. No questions asked.


    Bonus #1

    Business Mindset Supercharger ($500 Value)

    The “done-for-you” Business Accelerator brain-tech tool. Bring your dream business to life without uncertainty or sacrifice. Unleash the most powerful force in the universe… your mind!

    Experience Business Breakthroughs In 30 Days

    This technology harnesses the incredible powers of your mind. To zap stress. To create. Discover breakthrough methods and philosophy for awakening your mind powers. It will transform you forever!

    Imagine… you’re overworked and overwhelmed after a busy day. Instead of pouring yourself a glass of wine, you slip on headphones. You navigate to your Mindset Supercharger guided audio recording…and push play.

    It Meditates You

    When the Mindset Supercharger guided audio technology kicks in, it meditates you. You listen for a few minutes daily and let “it” massage your brain. Your Mindset Supercharger effortlessly replaces self-limiting beliefs with self-empowering beliefs while you relax. The sound matrix ensures you’ll unfold into a blissful state of expanded awareness and psychological well-being.

    Plus, There’s More

    While in this tranquil state, you put your BIG goals on autopilot. You awaken after 20 minutes feeling the restorative effects of a two-hour nap—renewed, refocused, and a quiet certainty about your future.

    VIP Access

    Only people who sign up for my Business Accelerator Mindset Program have access to the Business Mindset Supercharger. It is never for sale or available anywhere other than through this program.

    Bonus #2 

    Strong Medicine:
    Prescriptions for Peace of Mind ($300 Value)

    Foolproof techniques for achieving inner peace regardless of the economy or the ups and downs of your business

    • How to outwit the devil of “hedonic adaptation”—the silent killer of your happiness.
    • How to fulfill your unique purpose in lifemake mediocrity an impossibility.
    • Discover a NEW definition of success—never feel like a failure again.
    • 100X your peace of mind—apply this rule of “preferred detachment” to your business and your life—focus on what you truly have control over, and don’t sweat the rest.

    Bonus #3

    Acres of Diamonds ($300 Value)

    Expand your field of opportunities and riches

    • How to expand your comfort zone… even when you’re anxious and second-guessing your chances of success.
    • How to embrace uncertainty… seek new opportunities… and boldly go where you’ve never gone before.
    • Stop following the crowd—completely TRUST your inner guidance—blaze your trail to wealth.
    • How to achieve 100% self-belief—PERIOD.

    Bonus #4

    Mindset Red Carpet Coaching


    Two Thirty-Minute Mindset 1-1 Coaching Calls with Bret—and Four Weeks of Unlimited Email Access ($2000 Value)

    Personalized guidance.
    Help when you need it.

    You’ll get:

    • 1-1 orientation call. I explain how to use the program customized for your needs. You’ll be able to ask specific questions, get individualized answers, and interact with me.
    • Four weeks of unlimited email access. Check in with me to clarify your understanding and troubleshoot any challenges you may have. I’ll also provide “stick-with-it” accountability, high-fiving, and cheering along your journey.
    • 1-1 personal review call. I want you to thrive in your business by implementing what you learn! You’ll succeed only when you complete the program, get measurable high-value, and feel tremendously accomplished. This is your opportunity to receive feedback on your growth, make adjustments, and get suggestions for future progress.

    The most convenient times for these coaching sessions fill up fast.

    I can only take on five people per week for this coaching offer. If you want to shift your career into high gear, click the button below.

    So, Here’s What You’re Getting With The
    Business Accelerator Mindset System:

    • 22 Skill-building Video Lessons with accompanying exercises, templates, and tools to give you a complete foundation for your Business Accelerator Mindset ($4,500 value)
    • Bonus 1: Mindset Supercharger Brain-Tech Tool ($500 value)
    • Bonus 2: Strong Medicine: Prescriptions for Peace of Mind ($300 value)
    • Bonus 3: Acres of Diamonds: Expand Your Field of Opportunities and Riches ($300 value)
    • Bonus 4: Mindset Red Carpet Coaching: Two Thirty-Minute Mindset 1-1 Coaching Calls with Bret—and Four Weeks of Unlimited Email Access ($2000 value)
    • Total Length of Program = 6 Hours
    • 100% Guarantee


    Total value for all of this amazing training = $7,600

    Fast-track my business goals!

    You’re Just Moments Away

    I’m committed to helping entrepreneurs like you get the mindset tools, training, and support you need to make your business successful.

    I lay everything out for you… what to do and how to do it to create your Business Accelerator Mindset—and get it right the first time.

    PLUS – All this in a rich format designed for busy business owners.

    Don’t Want The Rolls-Royce Model Of The System?

    A Business Accelerator Mindset is so critical to business success that I have made it accessible to those who are sincere about getting ahead.

    If you don’t want Bonus 4, I offer a basic version of the program.

    You still receive all 22 skill-building modules with accompanying exercises, templates, and tools. Plus, you get bonuses 1, 2, and 3.

    But you won’t get Bonus 4: Mindset Red Carpet Coaching: Two Thirty-Minute Mindset 1-1 Coaching Calls with me—and four weeks of unlimited email access.

    Business Accelerator Mindset – BASIC

    • 22 Skill-building Video Lessons with accompanying exercises, templates, and tools to give you a complete foundation for your Business Accelerator Mindset ($4,500 value)
    • Bonus 1: Mindset Supercharger Brain-Tech Tool ($500 value)
    • Bonus 2: Strong Medicine: Prescriptions for Peace of Mind ($300 value)
    • Bonus 3: Acres of Diamonds: Expand Your Field of Opportunities and Riches ($300 value)
    • Bonus 4: Mindset Red Carpet Coaching: Two Thirty-Minute Mindset 1-1 Coaching Calls with Bret and Four Weeks of Unlimited Email Access ($2000 value)
    • Total Length of Program = 6 Hours
    • 100% Guarantee

    Choose The Enrollment Option That’s Best For You!

    What A Lot Of People Try And Why It Doesn’t Work

    Option #1:

    Do nothing and stay precisely where you are

    Here’s why doing nothing is the worst thing you can do.

    Most business owners build tremendous outer world skills. But they know very little about how their mind and emotions work. Or how critically this affects business outcomes.

    Unfortunately, growing up, we’re not given an owner’s manual for our minds and emotions. Instead, we’re thrown into the pool’s deep end to figure it out for ourselves—we either sink or swim.

    Most business owners sink.

    But you can reach the stars. You can learn the mindset skills to better your best and guarantee success when you want it enoughwhen you have the decision-making power of “I will!”


    Entrepreneur Without Mindset Skills

    • Demonstrate limiting subconscious beliefs—leading to hemorrhaged time and money
    • Exhibit low standards—will not move out of comfort zone—willing to settle
    • Unable to access their full potential
    • Lack the knowledge to establish a clear vision—flies blindly
    • Display emotional and mental distress—a victim of circumstances and other people’s agenda
    • Misunderstand how to fail elegantly or succeed wildly

    What kind of person do you have? A person who is constantly dissatisfied. A struggling person who ultimately fails.

    Entrepreneur With Mindset Skills

    • Demonstrate empowering subconscious beliefs—leading to success no matter what
    • Exhibit highest standards—will not stop  until meeting their meeting their chosen goals
    • Able to access their full potential
    • Establish a powerful vision and focus on that vision
    • Display expert emotional control—triggers peak states at any time needed.
    • Understand how to fail elegantly and succeed wildly

    What kind of person do you have? A person who is passionately fulfilled. A person who ultimately wins.


    Option #2:

    Do it yourself

    We both know if cobbling together a business mindset system worked—most business owners would’ve done so already.

    Here’s What Does Work

    Option #3:

    Let me do the heavy lifting for you

    Put my proven system to work for you. I’ll do the legwork, and you get the winning results.


    The Tough Truth

    You see, there are two types of people in this world.

    • Those who miss out on monetizing ALL their talent
    • Those who boldly act when the opportunity presents itself

    Yet, we both know very few who shake off old ideas and make a great, independent leap forward.

    Since you’ve followed along this far, you’re among the few special ones.

    If I’m right—

    Isn’t it time for you to honor the FULL potential of your gift?


    Here’s why many of my clients, just like you, say Business Accelerator Mindset stands out from other programs:

    1.  Focus on Entrepreneurial Needs:
    Business Accelerator Mindset is specifically tailored for business owners, addressing their unique challenges in today’s volatile economic landscape.

    2.  Holistic Approach:
    The program doesn’t just focus on external factors like strategies and motivational rhetoric. It deeply delves into the psychology of achievement.

    Business Accelerator Mindset is a transformative and scientifically backed solution for people looking to break through limitations and achieve lasting success.

    3.  Exclusive Tools:
    Business Accelerator Mindset offers unique tools like the Mindset Supercharger Brain-Tech Tool, providing a distinct advantage to participants. These tools are not available elsewhere and are specifically designed to enhance the program’s effectiveness.

    4.  Bonus Value:
    The program doesn’t stop at the core content. Additional bonuses add significant value, making it a comprehensive package.

    “Your program is a powerful and masterfully created process of dissecting your belief system by becoming aware of your emotional responses to life. Furthermore, it provides the tools to manifest your dreams, a true gift!”

    Dr. Suzanne Everhart

    Eye Physician and Surgeon

    Imagine What Your Life Will Look Like…

    When you create a Business Accelerator Mindset, you’ll:

      Become laser-focused on how to invest your time, energy, and effort.

      Feel inspired, supported, and motivated to act.

      Share the proud accomplishment of your growing business and enhance your professional image.

      Trust yourself to handle anything and move forward when life gets in the way.

      Celebrate steady, impressive wins with your family and friends.

      Get your time back.

      Adopt the mindset of the world-class and make an impact that reflects your true value.

      Perform ONLY tasks you find effortless and enjoyable.

      Feel extremely confident as your overwhelm and financial worries fade away.

    Of Course, It’s Up To You.

    What Happens After You Order

    1.  Click one of the payment option buttons above. You’ll be taken to a secure checkout page where you’ll create and confirm your password. Complete your order.

    2.  You’ll get a purchase confirmation email with a link to the members’ area.

    3. Log in and get immediate access to your Business Accelerator Mindset program, plus all bonuses.

    4. For Platinum enrollees, you’ll receive a link in your email to schedule your two Mindset 1-1 Mentoring calls with Bret.

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